Drinking spree aboard fishing boat ended with stabbing PDF Print E-mail
Monday, 09 October 2017 17:04

What could have been an enjoyable Friday night for some fishing boat crew and laborers turn out to be a bloody one when a drunk crew stabbed and seriously wounded his co-worker while they are having a drinking spree aboard their fishing boat off the city’s west coast.

Police identified that suspect as as Mansueto Fuentes y sandoy, 44, of Calarian while the victim as Alfonso Bartolome III, 27, married  and a resident of Dacon Homes, Recodo. He was taken to the hospital after sustaining a stab wound in the body.

Police investigation disclosed that Fuentes and Bartolome together with co-workers were drinking aboard their fishing boat when the former figured in a fistfight with Ian Soberano, their assistant Chief Engineer.

While in the middle of the fist fight, the suspect managed to grab a kitchen knife and stabbed Bartolome who was trying to pacify him. The victim sustained lone stab wound in the abdomen.

Fuentes was immediately arrested and is now detained pending the filing of frustrated homicide case in court – (Dan Toribio)