Riding tandem armed hold-uppers’ criminal activities remain unchecked Print
Wednesday, 11 October 2017 17:33

Hold-uppers aboard a motorcycle struck anew and victimized two women in two separate incidents along Gov. Ramos Avenue and De Leon Street, both in Sta. Maria last Monday afternoon.

Based on the police reports, it disclosed that around 1:30 p.m. Jeanifer Galleron y Lisbo, 32, married of Southcom Village, Calarian reported to the Sta. Maria Police Station that while she was driving her motorcycle along Gov. Ramos Avenue she noticed that two men riding tandem on a motorcycle is tailing her.

When the motorcycle riding-in-tandem reached her the backrider pointed a handgun at her while they were still on motion and immediately grabbed her shoulder bag. Without saying a word, the suspects then sped away bringing their loot.

The victim told the police investigators at the Sta. Maria Police Station that her bag  contains identification cards, ATM cards and other important documents.

On the same day at around 1:50 p.m. another woman reported to the Sta. Maria Police Station that she became a victim of snatching perpetrated by two men riding tandem on a motorcycle.

The snatching victim Mabe Vendiola y Silvano, 43, married of Little Tondo, San Roque appeared at the Sta. Maria Police Station and reported that about 11:30 a.m. while she was riding a tricycle passing De Leon Street, in Sta. Maria two men riding tandem on a motorcycle overtook them on the right side portion of tricycle where the backrider suddenly grabbed her Samsung Galaxy Duos cell phone before speeding away.

Police authorities are now assuming that the suspects responsible for the holdup and snatching on Monday are the same criminals who held-up motorists and passersby in the areas of responsibility of Sta. Maria Police Station and Divisoria Police Station.

Since Friday, the police already recorded three hold-up incidents, one snatching and one shooting  incident possibly perpetrated by the same suspects.

Both the Sta. Maria Police Precinct and Divisoria Police Precinct have intensified the monitoring and surveillance of its intelligence units to be able to collect more valuable information that would lead to the identification and eventual arrest of the two suspects. – Dan Toribio