DTI warns consumers to be vigilant on on-line shopping Print
Sunday, 15 October 2017 16:49

By R.G. Antonet Go

As the yuletide season nears, the Department of Trade and Industry (DTI) is warning consumers to be vigilant when it comes to on-line shopping to avoid galling victim to fraud by bogus on-line shops.

“While we enjoy the ease and convenience of shopping on-line, we should be vigilant in terms of transactions that we enter into as this is not the usual physical store where you can examine the goods,” Lilian Salonga, director, DTI consumer protection and advocacy bureau said in an interview.

She said that it is important to check the website and the identity of the seller, check on the terms and conditions, check on their return policy, reviews from previous buyer, and the specification of the products that they are selling.

For gadgets, she said that always keep the warranty card even if you will give it as a gift, and keep the receipt so if any problem arises, they can request for replacement, repair, or even refund if the unit is not in good condition.

Consumers usually go shopping on-line for convenience as they need not to go to the shopping centers to shop themselves as the products will be delivered right at their doorsteps.

When it comes to consumer protection, she stressed that consumers are also protected when they buy items from on-line stores. “We as consumers have equal protection under the consumer rights even if you buy it physically or even on a virtual store.” Salonga said.

She said that the office is advocating a good partnership with consumer organizations and consumers must also be pro-active when it comes to reporting fraud or scams.

They are also encouraging more consumers to report to their office if there are reports such scams or frauds. (R.G. A A. Go)