Lamitan institutionalized ‘ROSE Caravan’ Print
Monday, 16 October 2017 16:02



Lamitan City flagship program known as the “Reaching Out Serving Everyone” (ROSE) Caravan is now an institutionalized program of the city government with an annual budget appropriation of P 1.2 million.

Vice Mayor Roderick Furigay disclosed that starting next year ROSE is already incorporated in the annual budget of the city.

Furigay disclosed that the city council has passed City Ordinance number 2017-06 which is an ordinance formally institutionalizing the “Reaching Out Serving Everyone (ROSE) Caravan of the city government.


The ROSE Caravan was started by Mayor Rose U. Furigay in the year 2017, aims to provide regular outreach mission to their constituents in the barangay level.

But in the year 2014 it became ROSE Caravan because it was supported by the stakeholders of the city and the Armed Forces of the Philippines and the Philippines National Police along with their Medical teams, Nurses and Dentists and paramedics. It became more successful since it was fully supported by all stakeholders.

The vice mayor added that the ROSE Caravan became a flagship program of the city government, a package of basic services on health, agriculture, fishery and social welfare and development.

Furigay also said that under the ROSE Caravan Ordinance, the said flagship program shall continue even whoever sits as the mayor in the city.

“Since it has already been institutionalized the ROSE Caravan will continue with its allocated funding every year,” Allen Abastillas