200 Zamboanga drivers protest Print
Tuesday, 17 October 2017 16:35



More than 200 Zamboanga-based jeepney drivers held a noise barrage yesterday to protest the proposed jeepney modernization program by the government.

Jeepney drivers held the 20-minute noise barrage by blowing their horns along transport routes.

Eduardo Mingala, Federation of Land Transportation Association of Zamboanga City President, described the activity as their support to the nationwide strike launched by transport groups nationwide.

Mingala however assured commuters that Zamboanga’s transportation sector will not hold a strike which will unnecessarily inconvenience passengers.

Mingala explained that they are against the government’s modernization program due to the huge expenses involved in modifying a unit.

Despite a subsidy of P80,000 by the goverment, jeepney operators are hard-pressed to come up with the P1-million fee to modify their unit, Mingala said.

“Si quita conel jeep na camino, imagine milllions of drivers and operators queda nohay trabajo.  We will not be solving the problem but adding another problem to an existing problem,” Mingala said.

He added,” Modernization diila is good para na maga milyonaryo.  Si tiene kame million.”

“Hende ya habla canamon hace nuevo diamon unit,” Mingala said.

FELTRANZ is composed of 48 associations from Zamboanga city’s east and west coasts.  (RGAAGo)