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Thursday, 19 October 2017 15:52


Philippine Red Cross Governor and Congressman Celso Lobregat motored to Vitali the other day together with some officials of the city and the Philippine Red Cross led by local administrator Joseline Fernandez in order to extend relief assistance to some 1,653 families with 8,517 dependents who were affected by the recent flooding in Vitali district.

Joining Lobregat are councilors Mike Alavar, BG Guingona, Lilibeth Nuño and former Congresswoman Lilia Nuño who combined their personal resources in order to extend assistance to the victims of the recent natural calamity which struck their locality.

Vitali Barangay Chairman Joselito Alavar was elated over the presence of Lobregat and his team who, in a convoy of 12 vehicles, proceeded to their community to alleviate even for the meantime the situation of the residents who are still in a hard-up situation.

Lobregat said that in times of crisis, he doesn’t see any political boundaries nor representations to extend the necessary assistance to the victims of any disaster in the city.

The solon coordinated with Red Cross Local Chapter yesterday to unify efforts in providing some of the basic needs of the fire victims who continue to embrace their hard-up situation in the designated temporary evacuation site at VocTech School in the same barangay.

“If we offer help to our people, we don’t look into them as to what district they belong, we see them all as our constituents – they are Zamboangeños and therefore we must lend a helping hand,” Lobregat said.

He said that upon learning the news about the storm surge and flooding the other night, he told his personnel to monitor and prepare the items which can be shared to the less fortunate victims of this unexpected natural calamity.

The solon said that even similar incident it happens in his district, he is pretty sure that those constituents from other parts of the city will also share their blessings and assist those who are victims of calamities.

“We always employ the spirit of unity and kindheartedness to our fellowmen, it’s the attitude of Zamboangeños, ta man ayudahan kita todo en tiempo de krisis,” Lobregat said. – Dexter Yap