Why there’s no water supply despite strong rains PDF Print E-mail
Thursday, 19 October 2017 15:55

Several areas have been left with no water supply amid strong rains battering the city since early this week.

Yesterday morning, the Zamboanga City Water District announced that the Pasonanca dam has reached critical level due to continuous heavy rains.

Based on an advisory of the Zamboanga City Water District, dam level has reached 75.90 meters which had been described as “Critical: Above Normal.”

Despite this situation, several areas were left with no water or low water pressure prompting some people to get their water from the heavy rainfall.

In an advisory, the ZCWD informed the public water was cut off in the entire west coast area by Primewater due to the torrential rainfall.

In another advisory, the ZCWD explained that the heavy rains also cause soil erosions and landslides at the watershed area.

The incident causes high turbidity which requires frequent backwashing.

“Water used in backwashing is treated, clean water which could have been ready for distribution to customers.  This process greatly reduce water production,” the ZCWD said in advisory

“Due to these, some service areas will experience low water pressure to no water as some areas are supplied with water springs, which will require stop operations due to highly turbid water,”  the advisory added.