Make-up artist slain, suspect nabbed Print
Friday, 20 October 2017 13:39

A well-known free-lance make-up artist was brutally killed by burglars inside his residence in M. Calixto Street, Zone 1, last Wednesday night.

Police identified the victim as Kurshidy Latip Sahak, of legal age and a resident of the said barangay. He sustained multiple stab wounds in the different parts of body and died on the spot.

Initial police investigation showed that around 10:20 p.m. Wednesday night Sahak’s niece Nur-ina Sahak who was already resting inside her room heard a commotion coming from the her uncle’s room

Nur-ina went to the room of his uncle  to verify and ask if he was fine, but she got no reply despite knocking hard on the door.

Thinking that there is nothing wrong Nur-ina then returned to her room to go back to sleep. However, there was power interruption so she rose up and went outside of her room where amid the darkness, Nur-ina spotted a man rushing out from her uncle’s room prompting her to check again the room of the latter. Upon getting inside she was shocked to see his uncle lying on the bed full of blood..

Nur-ina yelled for help and was heard by another uncle, Doy, the brother of victim.

Doy chased the suspect together with some bystanders in their neighborhood. A cop identified as PO2 Edgar Erra, who happened to pass by, also helped in chasing the suspect which was later cornered and arrested,

He was later identified as Jul Nuruddin. The suspect confessed to the police investigators that he has a companion in the crime who was able to escape.

Police recovered from his possession the cell phone of the victim.

Nuruddin’s jacket also has blood stain, police said.

Police said that the suspects stole undetermined cash and other valuables from the victims and they stabbed him after he tried to resist. Said cash was taken away by the other suspect who was able to elude arrest.

Nuruddin is now detained at the Police Station pending the filing of charges in court. (Dan Toribio)