Tanod hacked by drunk Print
Tuesday, 24 October 2017 17:07

A barangay tanod who was investigating a vehicular accident in Barangay Tolosa was himself injured after being hacked and wounded by a drunk in the area last Saturday.

The victim was Identified as Ariel Torres y Enriquez.  He sustained hack wounds in the left arm and left middle finger.

The suspect was identified as Alejandro Delante y Columbres.

Police said that Torres went to Sitio Pangulayan in Tolosa last Saturday night to investigate a vehicle that reportedly fell into a creek.

The suspect, who was reportedly intoxicated, appeared and hacked him with a scythe.

The victim was taken to the hospital while the suspect was arrested by men of the Sangali Police Station and was detained.

Police said that the suspect will be charged for frustrated homicide. – Dan Toribio