Fisherman rescued in Zambo Print
Wednesday, 25 October 2017 16:10

By Dan Toribio

A fisherman from Tawi Tawi was rescued in Labuan last Province Monday after reportedly being carried off by huge waves brought about by heavy rains.

A Zamboanga City Police Office report identified the fisherman as Nasri Musabbi Indu, married and a resident of Mapun, Tawi Tawi..

Authorities are investigating the individual who was reportedly rescued by a certain Miguel Rosales Helario, a fisherman of Purok 5, Labuan.

Police said that Indu was aboard his 40hp speedboat when he was rescued about 20 miles from the Labuan coastline.

Indu told police that he had been floating in the high seas for about 20 days after his boat wa struck with huge waves and he lost fuel.

Fishermen in the area however have expressed doubt on the claims by the rescued fisherman.

Some question why the fisherman was using a speedboat, a vessel not normally used by experienced fishermen for the purpose.

Some also question the claim of the victim that he had been at sea for the past twenty days due to bad weather.

Heavy rains in the region started last October 12.

Indu was taken to the hospital for proper medical treatment and later turned over to the Zamboanga Coast Guard.  (Dan Toribio)