500 visit Mampang cemetery Print
Friday, 03 November 2017 15:51

By R.G Antonet Go

Hundreds visited the city-owned Mampang cemetery to honor the dead during the All Souls’ Day observance this week.

Ronaldo Serimogan, Mampang Public Cemetery Administrator, said that at least 500 people visited the area to honor their departed love ones who were buried in the cemetery.

Serimogan said, a mass was offered for those buried in the area for their souls to Rest in Peace.

A total of 269 individuals are buried in the area. These cadavers were either placed in plots or the so called condominium.

The cemetery was opened by the city government in 2013 under the management of the City Administrator’s office. The area can accommodate a total of 3,000 cadavers.

According to the administrator,plots or condominiums are only for lease and are renewable.

Plot renters have to pay P14,000 for 14 years while  the condominium, which has four levels,  can be leased  for 7 years.

First level in the condominium can be rented for  P10,000 while the second, third and fourth levels can be leased for  P9,000, P8,000, and  P7,000, respectively.

The office is also planning to construct a vault where bones of cadavers will be placed and which can be offered for a fee of P500 for 7 years.

He said that there is no reservation and interested parties can avail as the need arises.

These people need to bring the required document like death certificate to the City Administrators officea and pay at the City Treasurer’s office.

“Hende kita ta mira religion ken kere entera aki open lang cay nukere kita chene division,” Serimogan said. (R.G. A A. Go)