San Roque barangay hall haunted? Print
Sunday, 05 November 2017 17:06

By RG Antonet Go

The San Roque barangay hall is reportedly haunted by spirits belonging to a familiy who was massacred at the site several years ago.

This was reported by Jun Acosta, a San Roque Barangay Tanod, who claims to be experiencing strange happenings when staying at the barangay hall.

Acosta claims hearing someone go up the stairs, doors closing and flushing inside the comfort room, all happening even if nobody is inside the hall.

Ruben Tinambakan, a barangay worker, also claims seeing the spirits of children playing in the second floor and inside the session hall.

“Miedo yo pero yan sanay ya yo cay from time to time ta pwede yo mira kanila hasta ara bigla lang sila ta man sulpot y perde,” said Tinambakan.

Joselito Macrohon, San Roque Barangay Chairman, meanwhile denies seeing or feeling anything unusual in the barangay hall even if he stays alone at night.

Macrohon however said that he has been hearing the same stories about the barangay hall from other people.

He said that the barangay hall was already blessed by a Catholic priest in the year 2014.

The city government purchased the barangay hall lot during the time of then Mayor Celso Lobregat.

Macrohon said that they were able to purchase the lot at a cheaper price because no one wanted  to buy a lot where a family had been massacred.

In the year 2002, a family driver found the bloodied bodies of businesswoman Juliet Tan, her three children, Frederick, Christopher and Catherine and their household staff identified as Lolita, Rolita and Oliver inside the house.

The victims suffered blows to the head and stab wounds which resulted to their death.

Tan reportedly owned a large mango and calamansi plantation and a wine distillery.  (RGAAGo)