Malaysian rescued off Patalon Print
Wednesday, 08 November 2017 16:56

A Malaysian citizen who is allegedly suffering from psychological problems was rescued off Patalon waters last Sunday morning.

Police identified the person as Hasanul Bashri Bin Abdurajak, 22, who was born in Johor Bahru, Sabah, Malaysia but who transferred residence in

Barangay Sinubong in Zamboanga city.

A belated police report disclosed that a fisherman by the name of Bara Banani rescued a foreign looking individual  onboard a banca who was later identified as Abdurajak.

Banani told authorities that he saw Abdurajak about a nautical mile away from the Patalon coastline.

Abdurajak was later turned over to the Philippine Coast Guard for disposition.

Meanwhile, Sinubong Barangay Chairman Rolando Soler affirmed that Abdurajak was suffering from mental illness.

Soler also confirmed that Abdurajak was born in Malaysia and presently residing in his barangay.

The report added that Abdurajak allegedly stole the banca from its owner and went sailing until found in the high seas. – DanToribio