NYD replies to traffic woes Print
Wednesday, 08 November 2017 16:57

National Youth Day organizers asked for consideration from the public for the traffic congestion which happened in major Zamboanga streets last Monday afternoon.

The congestion was reportedly traced to a parade by at least two thousand participated in by of the National Youth Day.

“Ta pidi kame consideracion ya causa kame problema,” said Mark Saavedra, NYD Executive Secretary, during a radio interview over E-media yesterday morning.

The E-media announcer however said that the NYD organizers do not have to apologize since the event had been planned since late last year.

Saavedra said that the plan which was followed yesterday was supposedly the third revision prepared by NYD organizers, the police and the local government of Zamboanga.

The first plan involved a more complex route which would make the parade pass through major streets in the town proper.

The three groups agreed to a shorter route fearing a serious traffic congestion in the city.

“Por eso, we considered the simplest, shortest ruta na aka tres revision,” explained Saavedra.

Due to the gravity of the traffic situation yesterday, the three groups met right after the opening program to discuss measures on how traffic can be prevented for the next three days of the event.

Saavedra said that organizers vowed to try their best to start the activities on time to prevent a similar situation.

NYD organizers admitted that the parade was delayed in proceeding to the Tetuan Coliseum due to the late arrival of some of the participants who still came from out of town.

As of presstime, the NYD once again announced a  delay in the start of the scheduled procession yesterday.

The procession was supposed to start at 3pm from the Centro Pastoral Nuñez Extension area going to Fort Pilar.

NYD organizers however said that the event will start at 4:45pm due to “some technicalities.”  (LAJ)