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Wednesday, 08 November 2017 16:58

Thousands of commuters were stranded as traffic remained at a standstill in major thoroughfares during rush hour last Monday.

The tangled mess of vehicles and commuters was said to be an offshoot of the grand opening parade by thousands participating in the 2017 National Youth Day, a religious event held in the city.


Congestion started at around 3 p.m. Monday afternoon when traffic in the city proper was rerouted to pave the way for the parade.

At around 5 p.m. traffic was moving slowly in some streets leading to a near standstill from 6 to 7 p.m. in major thoroughfares.

Traffic was reportedly worst in streets leading to the Tetuan area, particularly the Tetuan Coliseum, the place where the participants are expected to congregate.

Traffic congestion was also observed in nearby areas such as Tumaga and Governor Camins, areas where congestion is not so frequent.

City roads became clogged with vehicles up to around 8 in the evening.

Meanwhile, hundreds of motorists became stranded along the streets and in jeepney and utility van terminals up to 9 in the evening.

Commuters complained on the lack of public transportation as they walked to their destination.

An unidentified texter at E-media, a tri-media network, said that he spotted three ambulances stuck in traffic along Guiwan road.

No information was available on what happened to the patients being ferried by the ambulances. (LAJ)