Power demand to increase by 120mw PDF Print E-mail
Sunday, 12 November 2017 18:26

Power demand is expected to increase by 120 megawatts during the advent of the holiday season this November.

Ferdie Rodriguez, Zamcelco Information Officer, said that the increase in power demand is an offshoot of the increase in the use of appliances and other electrical gadgets during the holiday season.

According to Rodriguez, it is expected that malls will extend their mall hours, factories will  use more power and homes will be decorated with electric Christmas decorations,  all adding up to a rise in power demand.

“If el hente usa gayot corriente those are the things that will trigger subi el demand but kaya kita man supply because we have sufficient power supply,” Rodriguez assured the public.

Because of this, he is advising the public to practice energy conservation to use only the electricity they need so they will not be shocked once their electric bill arrives. He also reminded the public not to leave Christmas lights and appliances unattended.

“December congana kita man decoration not knowing dituyu consumption ay subi cay tiene tu cosa yan add during December el Christmas lights. Liega el bill espantao sila porque alto,” Rodriguez said.

Zamcelco has 120,000 member consumers using  96 to 97MW during regular days. The supplier of the electric cooperative are PSALM 17MW, Infinity 10MW, San Miguel Power Corporation 35MW, TMI 18MW, Mapalad 18MW, WMPC 50MW. The electric cooperative also have a 16MW standby generator. (RGAAGo)