Dalipe: P2 billion worth of projects for the city’s east coast by 2018 Print
Tuesday, 14 November 2017 11:43

By Jemuel Mojica

District II Congressman Mannix Dalipe yesterday said that he was able to acquire a total of P2 billion worth of infrastructure and irrigational projects for Zamboanga City for the coming year 2018.

Dalipe said that out of the P2 billion worth of nationally-funded projects, almost  P1 billion pesos will go to the ongoing construction of the modern 16-kilometer superhighway (coastal road), and P540 million is alocated for farm-to-market roads, both in the east coast of the city.

The P1 billion superhighway or coastal road will connect the barangays of Bolong, Cabaluay, Mercedes  and  Zambowood.  A bridge will also be constructed to connect Zambowood to Mampang. Thereafter, the superhighway will connect Mampang, Talon-Talon, Tugbugan and Tetuan.

While the P540 million farm-to-market roads will be constructed to connect the barangays of Bolong, Panubigan, Lubigan, Dita, Quiniput, Curuan and Buenavista, the Zamboanga solon bared.

The highway shall covers 16-kilometer stretch, and it will be new road openings and road concreting, Dalipe pointed out.

“All our road projects will not utilize existing barangay roads. They will be all new road opening and new road concreting projects. Dalipe stressed.

The congressman said that aside from the two huge nationally-funded highway projects, his office has also sourced out funds for the construction of flood control projects, irrigation projects in the different selected barangays in the city’s east coast.

Dalipe said that the total cost of nationally-funded projects for the fiscal year 2018 is P2,208,790,000.

He said that all his projects shall be supervised by the Department of Public Works and Highways (DPWH) District Office in coordination with the District II Congressional Office. -Jemuel E. Mojica