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Saturday, 18 November 2017 14:20




LIFE’S INSPIRATIONS: “… Let everyone be subject to governing authorities, for there is no authority that God did not establish… Whoever fights or rebels against authorities are fighting or rebelling against what God established, and would receive due punishment…” (Romans 13:1-2, the Holy Bible).


“IMPEACH US PRESIDENT TRUMP”! Online news organizations are on fire with reports that a group of congressmen affiliated with the Democratic Party of the United States are moving to oust, via impeachment, US President Donald J. Trump. Trump was elected president as a member of the Republican Party, the rival of the Democratic Party.

In the reports, the lawmaker who filed the articles of impeachment against Trump was identified as Tennessee Rep. Steve Cohen. Cohen submitted five articles of impeachment against the US leader, including his having fired former Director James Comey of the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), and undermining the independence of the judiciary and of the freedom of the press.

Cohen is a leading member of the US House judiciary committee (the equivalent of the Committee on Justice of our very own House of Representatives here in the Philippines). In filing the impeachment complaint against Trump, Cohen said that there is now a need to stop Trump’s destruction of the US Constitution.


IMPEACHMENT VS. TRUMP, NEXT TO IMPOSSIBLE: Despite the bravado,  it is nevertheless clear that these maneuvers to remove Trump from power will not succeed. Just like his counterpart in the Philippines, President Duterte, Trump’s Republican Party concededly controls both houses of the American legislature at this point in time.

And just like the system in place here in the Philippines, the system of impeachment in the US is also not a legal proceeding, despite pretensions to the contrary of lawmakers, because this is in reality a process that is entirely dependent on the numerical superiority of the President’s allies, first at the lower house, and second, at the upper house.

It would seem that this is a reality known to Cohen and to his allies from the Democratic Party. They know they won’t succeed kicking Trump out. Quite clearly, their only real intention here would be to just bring out before the bar of public opinion, through the impeachment process, their laments against Trump, in the hope that it would weaken his presidency somehow.


BECAUSE OF “IMPEACH TRUMP”, LIFE IN THE US WILL BE MORE MISERABLE: The only problem here is that, because of what these lawmakers from the Democratic Party had done, more hardships will surely descend upon more Americans and all others who have taken up residences in the US. Life in that country is now very problematic, but because of this movement to oust Trump, it will still turn for the worse.

Why? Because the filing of the impeachment complaint against Trump (or against any other president anywhere for that matter) is considered, in Christian doctrine, to be violently contrary to the commands of God. According to Christian teachings, whoever will fight their leader will actually fight God and, because of that, would receive punishment

The command to believers of God is to fervently pray for their leaders, even if these leaders turn out to be incompetent or violent or harsh. It is God who will act against these leaders if there is a necessity to act against them, and men are not allowed to do anything. If man will fight his leaders, grave curses would come down to him, and may even cause his total destruction.


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