DOH-9 to distribute family planning medication Print
Saturday, 18 November 2017 16:34

DOH-9 to distribute thousands of units of a family planning medication to health offices in region-9.

Gilbert Natividad, DOH-9 Family Planning Coordinator, identified the treatment as “Implanon,” a family planning medication which was banned but has recently been approved for use by the Court.

Natividad said that the Temporary Restraining Order for the use of Implanon has been lifted but the DOH regional office is still waiting for the formal memorandum prior to its distribution region-wide.

A total of 21,600 pieces of Implanon, which will expire in 2019, is being kept at a warehouse waiting for distribution.

Recall that a pro-life group petitioned the Supreme Court for a TRO against the use of Implanon which was described as abortifacient.

Because of the court order, the DOH stopped using the treatment as a family planning method since 2015.

implanon are thin rods inserted under the skin which release hormones that prevent pregnancy for up to three years.

The method was reportedly proven by the Food and Drugs Administration as not abortifacient.  (RGAAGo)