Archdiocese warns public: Be careful in believing "miracles" PDF Print E-mail
Saturday, 18 November 2017 16:36

By R.G. Antonet Go

The Archdiocese of Zamboanga city has warned the public not to immediately believe  reports on alleged miracles happening in the city.

The call of the Archdiocese came after reports surfaced that images of saints were seen shedding tears at a residence in Cabatangan.

Rev. Fr. Marciano Villagracia, Archdiocese of Zamboanga Spokesperson, explained that a thorough investigation by the church is required before an incident can be declared as a miracle.

“Hende kita dayun pwede habla el ta susede na Cabatangan milagro cay antes de habla milagro pasa pa thorough investigation,” Villagracia said.

Villagracia said that the protocol involves having the parish priest check on the incident and make the necessary recommendation for an investigation.

If the Archbishop finds it necessary, he will create an investigating team.

The report of the investigating team will have to be checked by church officials in Manila and Rome to confirm if what is really happening is a miracle.

Last Saturday, a family member was cleaning the images of saints inside the Santos family residence in Cabatangan when she noticed fluid coming out of the eyes of the Santo Niño and the Black Nazarene images.

Some people referred to the incident as a miracle.

Villagracia said that residents opinions that the incident is trying to convey a message is only the”interpretation of men.”

“Everyday the Lord is giving us messages that he loves us.  He is here with us and if we have sins he is ready to forgive us.  Ese mensahe, interpretasyon land del hente cay el Iglesia hende hace maga interpretacion si nohay base,”  Villagracia added.  (RGAAGo)