Celso to Recodo reblocking contractor: Finish the job or be banned! Print
Monday, 20 November 2017 17:32

Congressman Celso Lobregat has warned the contractor of the highway reblocking in Barangay Recodo of possible sanctions if they cannot complete the said project the soonest possible time.

This after motorists and barangay officials themselves have lodged several complaints to the DPWH and office of the solon about such project which has caused several road accidents due to un-even level and punctured road which was initiated by the contractor who won the bid for the said project.

"For me, what the contractor did in the road re-blocking project was wrong, he was not supposed to puncture with jack hammer the entire stretch of Recodo-Ayala portion, it was supposed to be piece by piece in order not to cause so much disturbance and accidents to the motorists passing the area," Lobregat, who chairs the House Committee on Public Works and Highways, pointed out.

Due to his disgust, Congressman Lobregat called DPWH District Engineer Cholie Roble and Regional Director Jorge Sebastian about the issue on Recodo road re-blocking project which was not favorable to the public.

"Debe el sistema alyi pedaso por pedaso y hinde cay quebra tu el largo porsyon del camino antes prinsipia el reblocking," Lobregat said.

Due to Lobregat's concern, DPWH officials immediately called the attention of the contractor to fix the problem.

"Ya abla yo con el DPWH,  si hinde se acaba dayun camino el responsable contractor y si continua syempre ele hace quebra con el camino desfues hinde man re-block dayun siguro nomas ya manda incluji canila entra contrata na DPWH na otro año,dapat man ban ya canila," Lobregat said.

The solon said that being the committee chair on public works he can be considerate in giving flexibility to contractors implementing national government projects, but the one in Recodo for Lobregat, is very wrong and inhumane because the contractor did not consider the cause and effect of his first move before proceeding with the road re-blocking.

"We have a lot of ongoing infrastructure project in District 1 which are being funded by the national government, but the implementation of such projects should not be made in a hurry sacrificing its quality. I will not allow that to happen,” Lobregat said.

In response to Lobregat's call, the DPWH contractor who is initiating the controversial project in Recodo has tempprarily covered soil and gravel components in all the holes they have punctured along the highway to deter further road accidents and complaints from the motorists in the west coast. -(Dexter Yap/PR)