(From P800 to P2,000) Lobregat bats for hike in per diem of gov’t workers Print
Tuesday, 21 November 2017 14:07

House committee on appropriations Vice-Chairman Celso L. Lobregat moved for the approval of House Resolution 243 urging President Rodrigo Duterte to issue an executive order increasing the current daily local travel allowance of government officials and personnel on official business to P2,000 since the present rate of P800 is no longer attuned to the times.

The proposed executive order would amend EO 248 dated May 29, 1995, EO 248-A dated Aug. 14, 1995 and EO 298 dated March 23, 2004 which prescribed the allocation of P800 per day for the travel expenses of government officials and personnel, regardless of rank and destination.

Congressman Lobregat said that the last adjustment was made in 2004, which has been 13 years since then.

“We all know that prices have increased. By having this resolution, probably the President will listen in order that our poor government employees assigned officially to different destinations within the country would have enough money to use in their respective assignments,” Lobregat pointed out.

The Zamboanga solon said at this point, the government personnel find it difficult whenever they are assigned to different places for official business because of their insufficient travel allowance.

“Wala silang pera para dun, ang mahal na ng lodging, pagkain P240 ang allowance, bale P80 per meal. And then P400 for accommodation, wala na pong ganun. I think P2,000 is fair enough although maliit pa rin, tapos pag nadagdagan yan mas maganda,” said Lobregat in an interview with reporters covering the House of Representatives.

It is the responsibility of the government to provide travel allowances to its employees while they on official travel and mission.

There is a need to enable a proper representation by giving sufficient allowances that are commensurate to the duties and responsibilities and to the nature of the travel.

Lobregat said the breakdown of the proposed P2,000 daily travel allowance shall be: hotel/lodging, P1,000; meals, P600; and incidental expenses, P400.

The DBM in coordination with other concerned agencies are still studying the proposal and the possible adjustments on existing allowances and expenses for local and foreign travels of government personnel, according to the DBM representative.

Rep. Lobregat said everyone realizes the importance of HR 243, hence he moved for its approval in the committee level. – Dexter Yap