(For the second time this month:) Multi-vehicle collision in Zambo Print
Thursday, 23 November 2017 14:08

By Remus Ong

For the second time this month, a group of vehicles figured in a  7-way collision yesterday afternoon along a major thoroughfare  in the city.

At least seven vehicles, an L-300 van, a motorcycle, a passenger  tricycle, two improvised tricycles, a passenger jeepney and a  truck blocked one side of the busy highway minutes before the  start of rush hours.

Witnesses said that four persons, two women and two men,  were injured.

The victims were passengers of two tricycles and the passenger  jeepney.

A Traffic Enforcer in the area said that a speeding truck, with  plate number GFD 720, suddenly rammed into the vehicle in  front, setting off a chain of collisions.

It was not known as of presstime if the truck suffered from faulty brakes.

This is the second time this month that a multi-vehicle collision  occurred along a major street in Zamboanga.

On November 13,  six persons were injured when a wayward  truck rammed a car which set off a chain of collisions involving  eight vehicles along busy Veterans Avenue. Among the vehicles hit by the truck are a car, a multicab van, a motorcycle, a passenger jeepney, a tricycle and the pick-up  type truck.

The truck was said to have lost its brakes prior to impact.  (Remus Ong)