Mayor wants anti-drug funds fully utilized Print
Friday, 24 November 2017 17:59

Mayor Beng Climaco wants the full-utilization of the anti-drug abuse fund of the city to fight against illegal drugs.

“I want it fully utilized. This is our contribution in fighting the drug menace, especially down to the barangays,” Climaco said yesterday in a radio interview.

Climaco said a review of the available funds will be carried out to determine its utilization.

She said the funds are being utilized for the training of enforcement personnel in proper investigative procedures for drug cases, in coordination with the City Prosecutor’s Office and the PDEA to ensure that cases are not dismissed due to investigative errors.

“Mucho cuhidapero ta caba se man basura cay el maga procedures hindeembuenamente ta sigi,” she said.

Meanwhile, the local chief executive also called for enforcement agencies and security forces to work together and be aggressive in the crackdown against illegal drugs, following directives from President Rodrigo Duterte to intensify the anti-drug campaign.

“El diaton instruction y directivaaquina ciudad y narehiyon paraintensifica el coordinacion entre PDEA, and PNP (Philippine National Police), as well as all security forces to ensure the eradication of drug abuse,” Climaco said.

Leaders of barangays must also be on their toes and involved in the campaign, Climaco said, noting that their cooperation with authorities is a must.

“We must enjoin all the different operatives to aggressively address drug menace,” Climaco declared.-(Jasmine Mohammadsali)