Government loses millions from sardine companies Print
Sunday, 26 November 2017 16:41


The government has lost millions of pesos in revenue from sardine companies after  majority of the companies established offices in Manila.

According to a Bureau of Customs official, the Bureau of Customs (BOC) has lost as much as P25-million in revenue after sardine companies stopped its delivery of imported ingredients in the city.

BOC District Office in Zamboanga Officer in Charge Darwisa J. Schuck said that the delivery of imported ingredients for sardine companies to the city stopped in the year 2013.

Schuck said that the companies are now shipping their ingredients to Manila as port of entry from other countries because the main offices of these companies are located in Manila.

The ingredients are shipped to Zamboanga city from Manila through local vessels.

Schuck said that the importation of volumes of tomato paste, sunflower oil, soya beans, monosodium glutamate, tin packaging and other materials for making sardines are considered as the biggest revenue contributor to the BOC before the delivery of ingredients straight to the Zamboanga port was stopped.

There are a total of 21 canning factories operating in the city.

City Licensing Officer Benjie Barredo said that most of these companies merely pay costs related to barangay clearances, business taxes, and expenses for locational clearance, planning, city health, Bureau of Fire, and other expenses required for their operation. (Allen Abastillas)