Housewife hacks tanod Print
Tuesday, 28 November 2017 17:23


A 56-year-old housewife hacked and wounded a barangay tanod following a drinking session in Culianan last Sunday.

The victim was identified as Owen Pantaleon Alvarez, 46, married. He sustained hack wounds in the right cheek, right portion of the neck and a stab wound on the right shoulder.

He was hacked and stabbed by Conception Ramiliano Rodriguez, married, housewife of Barangay Pasobolong.

Initial investigation showed that prior to the incident last Sunday night, Conception’s son Ryan tried to pacify two companions who engaged in a heated altercation during a drinking spree at a videoke bar.

Alvarez tried to join in the fray and attempted to pacify the warring duo.

Ryan, annoyed by the tanod’s interference, went home and reported the incident to his mother, Conception.

A few minutes later, Conception along with three sons proceeded to the place of incident and  confronted Alvarez.

Conception figured in a heated altercation with Alvarez, drew out a bolo and hacked the latter.

Alvarez was rushed to the hospital for treatment while Conception was arrested by responding policemen.

Police also confiscated the bolo of Conception while she was placed behind bars pending the filing of charges in court against her. – (Dan Toribio)