Rubber track installed on grandstand oval Print
Friday, 01 December 2017 14:25

The German supplier, Regupor, has already started the installation of rubber tracks at the Joaquin F. Enriquez Memorial Sports Complex oval last Monday.

Engr. Paul Lagonera, RCDG Construction Project in-Charge,  said that it will take 80 days for the installation to be completed, based on an assessment made by the German suppliers.

The initial layer or the shock pad of the rubber is being placed prior to the installation of the final coat itself.

The German was spotted personally installing the rubber for the track oval together with the contractors of the project.

There will be changes in the sports complex because the facility is now following  international standards such as  a wide track oval and the soccer field which is now placed in the middle of the oval.

Meanwhile, they are still awaiting  the arrival of the artificial grass for the soccer field coming from Germany.

The material will still come from Germany to be shipped to Manila then to Zamboanga City.

Artificial grass covers some 12% of the project while the rubber covers some 29% of the rehabilitation of the sports complex.

The area where the grass and the rubber will be placed is already prepared, according to the contractor.  (RGAAGo)