Robbers cart away jewelry from downtown store Print
Monday, 04 December 2017 17:13

Armed robbers boldly walked inside a department store located at the city proper yesterday morning and carted away with assorted pieces of jewelry in broad daylight.

A police report said that the department store along Climaco Avenue just opened for business when three men wearing bull caps and armed with handgunds entered the shop.

The three proceeded to the jewelry glass cases located at the ground floor and announced the heist at gunpoint to stunned sales personnel.

Based on the store’s CCTV footage, the three robbers ransacked the store and escaped on board a motorcycle.

A few minutes later, the motorcycle together with a helmet was recovered along Alvarez Drive while a jacket purportedly belonging to one of the robbers was found in the interior portion of the area.

Police are carefully examining  the CCTV footage to determine the identities of the suspects.  (Dan Toribio)