Mayor gives ultimatum to police: Arrest criminals Print
Tuesday, 05 December 2017 17:23

Mayor Beng Climaco has issued an ultimatum to the local police force to arrest people behind the recent series of shooting, robbery and holdup incidents as she declared that there is no excuse for lawlessness to exist in Zamboanga City.

In here statement at the press briefing yesterday, Climaco reiterated “our non-tolerance of violation of laws.”

“We want to police to arrest the suspects of recent robbery cases. They may have responded to this incidents, but we noticed these incidents (robbery) have become rampant due to Christmas season,” the mayor said.

She was scheduled to meet with the police and military sector yesterday afternoon to take up recent developments on security matters.

“I have given them an ultimatum to give me a briefing and update on these incidents,” Climaco said.

The mayor was particularly referring the burglary incident Monday dawn at Lim Shi department store that lost more or less P100,000 worth of jewelry and other items to robbers.

Local reports have likewise indicated an increase in street crimes like holdup and snatching in downtown area, not to mention the recent shooting to death of a college student near a hotel at Varela Street.

The chief executive said these incidents must be solved and the suspects must be arrested the earliest time possible.-(Vic Larato)