Truck runs over 2 women Print
Friday, 08 December 2017 14:08


Two women died on the spot after they were ran over by a ten-wheeler truck in Barangay Salaan yesterday morning.

The fatalities were identified as Felisa Francisco and Roselia Napolereyes, both of Sitio Hapa, Salaan.

The fatal road accident took place while the two women were riding a Honda motorcycle driven by Felisa’s son Melvin Francisco.

Upon reaching Zone 4 in Salaan, the group tried to overtake a 10-wheeler truck loaded with sand and gravel driven by Ronald Enopia which was travelling in the same direction.

While in the process of overtaking, a motorcycle driven by Ceejay Palisug was spotted by Melvin coming from the opposite direction.

Melvin tried to avoid the second motorcycle but failed, resulting to a collision, throwing the two women under the truck.

The two were killed after being ran over by the vehicles’ rear tires.

Melvin and Palisug also sustained injuries and were taken to the hospital while Enopia was detained at the Culianan Police Station.

All the three vehicles involved in the accident were impounded at the Culianan Police Station .

Police said that a case of reckless imprudence resulting to double homicide may be filed against Enopia as the relatives of Felisa and Roselia refused to enter into  an amicable settlement.  (Dan Toribio)