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Monday, 11 December 2017 17:25

Labuan has the biggest number of TUPAD beneficiaries, all of who are victimized by the storm surge last October.

Out of 336 TUPAD beneficiaries in the west coast, a total of 242 come from barangay Labuan.

Labuan Barangay Chairman Ronald “Oning” Maravilla expressed his utmost gratitude to First District Congressman Celso Lobregat for employing Labuan residents under the TUPAD program.

"What our Congressman Lobregat is doing is an answered prayer to my constituents.  Todo esos victima del storm surge yan wash-out todo propriedad.  Nohay gayot cosa puede salva.  Por medyo de este programa ay tiene sila la vida para dale kome diila mga familia,"Maravilla said.

Maravilla said that he himself and the entire barangay officials of Labuan are having problems earlier on on how to give immediate financial assistance to the calamity victims because the number is very big and their calamity fund is not enough to feed everyone.

He said that Lobregat's huge financial assistance for each family is already a big help for them to feed their children and obtain alternative livelihood even for the short period of time only.

"Gracias gayot con Congressman Lobregat.  Si nohay  ele ayuda canamon, makalastima gayot demio mga constituentes",Maravilla said.

DOLE's TUPAD Program is a national government initiated livelihood assistance channeled thru the Congressional office for the less fortunate constituents of the city.

Congressman Lobregat identified some 336  family beneficiaries from nine coastal barangays in the west coast who were victimized by the recent calamity which struck the city last month.

The barangay beneficiaries are Labuan with 242 beneficiary families,Limpapa-43, Patalon-16, Recodo-5, Talisayan-2,Ayala-5, La Paz-3,Maasin-7, and Sinunuc-13.

Each family recipient willreceive a daily minimum wage of Php296 per day for a total of Php 4,440 for the period of 15 working days under the program.-Dexter Yap