Cadaver recovered along Paseo shoreline PDF Print E-mail
Saturday, 16 December 2017 15:55

A teen-ager who was reportedly about to relieve himself along the shoreline of Paseo del Mar last Thursday was startled after discovering a cadaver floating in the water.

Emergency responders gave immediate medical assistance and brought the victim to a government hospital but he was reportedly declared dead on arrival.

Dra. Fatima Abdulaziz declared the victim dead due to respiratory failure secondary to drowning.

There were reportedly no visible contusions but only scratches found on the body of the victim.

Investigation disclosed that a 14-year old boy identified as Midzfar Basari went to the Paseo del Mar when he saw a man lying on the shoreline and reportedly unconscious.

Basari called the attention of the security guard who reported the sighting to the police. (Dan Toribio)a