Lamitan awards cash gifts to city's most senior Print
Monday, 18 December 2017 17:47


Lamitan city’s oldest residents, which includes two centenarians, were given cash gifts and medical insurance by the Lamitan city government.

The city’s seniors each provided advice on how to have a healthy and long life.

The two centenarians were identified as Diyang M. Ahaddin and Aliya M. Reyes, with ages 105 and 100 respectively.

Ahaddin advises the public to “keep living as much as you can” while Reyes has maintained her health by “walking from Baroy to Lamitan town” regularly.

99-year old Bernardo Velasco said that he has kept his health all these years with this practice: “No maintenance, no meat, no medicine.  Only fruits and vegetables.”

Baddiya T. Aharri , 97, attributes her long life to “Culture and Religion.  I’m living my life with a purpose,” while Bernardo Laquio, also 97, says that he has lived a happy and substantial life.

The secret of good health of Maura P. Pastorfide, 96, is being happy and contented.  “My family surrounds me with love,” she said.

Former Mayor Wilfredo Furigay, 91, says that “Work makes a man healthy and wise.”

91-year old Romana Beijoc lives by the adage “Health is wealth.”

Mai P. Arabain revealed her secret of living a simple and happy life while Juana G. Gabutin said that a clean and healthy lifestyle makes a person happy and energetic.  Arabain is 95 while Gabutin is 90 years old.

Virgilio C. Pamaran attributes his long life to “Staying healthy and energetic. I’m living my life with love.”

Anita V. Libres says that she practices “daily exercise and a healthy diet”  while Anacleta J. Enriquez attributes her long life to her faith which is her strength.  Libres and Enriquez are 92 and 91 respectively.

92-year old Doroteo Benitez advises youngsters to eat less processed foods and keep it organic while 90-year old Francisco Tan says that his family keeps him inspired.

Mayor Rose Furigay said that the cash gifts and Medicare health insurance are in accordance with the Senior Citizens Law.

Furigay also provided financial assitance and food to the Madaris school teachers, Barangay Peace Action teams in Lamitan’s barangays.  (Allen Abastillas)