OCVET to public: Look for meat inspection cert Print
Monday, 18 December 2017 17:48


The Office of the City Veterinarian is advising the public to look for the meat inspection certificate before purchasing meat.

This as consumption of meat increases during the holiday season.

The public must check on the meat and ask for the meat inspection certificate.  The certificate is proof that the animal was clean and properly slaughtered at a certified slaughterhouse.

The certificate is given on a daily basis and must be posted on the stall of the meat vendor.

Personnel of the City Slaughterhouse are already checking on the animals if they are fit for slaughter.

The OCVET also gives the following advice to those intending to prepare meat for holiday celebration.

The meat they are buying must be fresh and pinkish to red in color and must not have any foul odor.

Buy products from those you know. Avoid buying meat from peddlers since most of the meat being sold by these outlets are not inspected and not slaughtered properly.

The public can also buy their meat at the Sta. Cruz Market, the old public market, flea markets and other meat houses being checked regularly by the OCVET.  (RGAAGo)