Abduction to end in marriage PDF Print E-mail
Tuesday, 19 December 2017 16:33

A reported abduction complaint brought by a distraught mother to police last Sunday turned out to be a case of elopement between the complainant’s daughter and her lover in Arena Blanco.

A Police Regional Office-9 report said that police initially received an abduction report from 48-year old Rohelmina Tahil involving her daughter, Emraida.

Emraida went out to buy breakfast when she was reportedly abducted by two unidentified persons on a motorcycle who brought her towards the direction of the city proper.

The night before, a neighbor by the name of Ustadz Pura went to the Tahil residence to ask for the hand of Emraida at the request of a certain Hadji Majid Bin Datu Saribu, an act which Emraida reportedly refused.

Police went to the house of Pura to get information on Emraida.  After minutes of questioning, Pura told authorities that Emraida was at a local hotel.

Investigation revealed that prior to the incident, Saribu and Emraida had been lovers while the two were in Sabah, Malaysia.

Emraida soon went back to Zamboanga to finish her education.  Saribu followed soon after.

Emraida’s parents however were against the relationship since Tahil already had a wife.

Emraida’s abduction by Saribu reportedly had the consent of the former.

The dispute led to an amicable settlement which will reportedly end in marriage between the two lovers.  (LAJ)