Dealer of fake gold jewelries nabbed by cops PDF Print E-mail
Sunday, 28 August 2011 17:10

A con man selling fake jewelry was arrested yesterday after two men filed Acomplaint against him at the central police station.
Police identified the suspect as Joel Suba, 43, married, of Camino Nuevo.

Leo Yubal, 32, of Lunzuran, had sought the assistance of the policemen to arrest Suba who was spotted along Veterans Avenue.
Yubal told the police that Suba convinced him to swap his Seiko diver’s watch with Suba’s fake gold necklace last Friday.

Later on Yubal discovered that the necklace was fake and was only worth P50 at the public market.
While at Veterans Avenue, Roel Rebollos, 32, of Mercedes also filed a complaint against Suba for selling him at 600 a fake gold necklace.

Suba was hauled to the police station and was detained pending the filing of charges in court. He had been a subject of several complaints in the past. — Dan Toribio Jr.