Minors banned from smoking Print
Wednesday, 20 December 2017 17:21

Minors are about to be  banned from smoking, buying and selling cigarettes.

Amendments were also proposed requiring business establishments to designate a  Smoking area.  Establishments will either have to comply or declare their area as a No Smoking establishment.

These and other amendments were among those passed by the City Council on second reading  under the No Smoking Ordinance in yesterday’s regular session.

Councilor Myra Abubakar, author of the ordinance, said that she has also proposed the inclusion of e-cigarettes in the ordinance and the creation of an enforcement team to include the office of the City Mayor, City Administrator, City Health and the police.

Fines for violators range from P1,000 for the first offense to P5,000 as maximum penalty.

Abubakar authored the City’s Anti-Smoking Ordinance which was  implemented last June 2014.

Ordinance 413 prohibits residents to smoke in enclosed public places and inside public utility vehicles.

Despite the passage however, the ordinance, which had been described as being vague, had been openly violated by smokers.

“I hope after man amend conel ordinansa puede ya sigi.  It’s about time queda kita stricto aqui.” Abubakar said.  (RGAAGo)