Dep-Ed: No elaborate Christmas parties Print
Thursday, 21 December 2017 18:03

The Department of Education through the City Schools Division Office has reminded anew all public schools to refrain from holding extravagant Christmas parties and other related activities.

Senior Education Program Specialist Vinnie Gerard Elicano of DepEd told the press briefing Monday that there are no particular guidelines that mandate the conduct of Christmas parties.

“But, we do have certain DepEd policies to observe. No. 1 is the ‘Time on Task’ which means no disruption of classes in place of such activity or extra-curricular activities,” he said.

The 2nd policy, Elicano said, is the no collection policy for Christmas activities.

“The Schools Division Office is one with the community in celebrating Christmas but we do not encourage them to make it extravagant or elaborate at the expense of the children and their parents,” Elicano stressed.

The DepEd has reiterated its Order No. 78 series of 2008, mandating that Christmas celebrations in public schools and DepEd Central and field offices should be simple but meaningful, keeping in mind the true spirit of the season and the austerity called for by the difficult economic times.

The following guidelines should be observed: Contributions for celebrations in schools or offices, whether in cash or in kind, should be strictly voluntary; Decorations should be simple, inexpensive and to the extent possible, produced by students and staffers; Gift-giving should be guided by the spirit of sharing and should not lead to extravagant spending.

Schools or offices which decide to forego Christmas parties should consider donating the savings to relief assistance for families still reeling from the destruction caused by recent calamities; and Disruption of academic activities in schools and delivery of Departmental services should be minimized.

Any violation of the guidelines prescribed in the Order shall be subject to administrative action.-(Vic Larato)