Security guard killed in Lunzuran Print
Thursday, 21 December 2017 18:05

A security guard moonlighting as a habal habal driver was brutally killed in Purok 6, Phase 3, Lunzuran yesterday morning.

Police and barangay officials were investigating the crime scene when the suspect reportedly sneaked into the area and left his victim’s motorcycle.

The fatality was identified as Marvin Piñero Balwit, Sr., 49, married, detailed at the Don Pablo Lorenzo Memorial High School and a resident of Alfaro Street, Tetuan.

The victim sustained stab wounds in the body and died on the spot.

A police report showed that the victim’s body was discovered before sunrise along the newly cemented road.

Police found the victim’s motorcycle located 150 meters away from the body.

Lunzuran Barangay Chairman Joel Jose said that when they responded at the crime scene they did not see the victim’s motorcycle along the road.  Minutes later however, police were able to spot the vehicle.

Authorities are suspecting that while policemen and barangay officials were investigating the crime scene, the suspect brought the motorcycle in and abandoned it.

Police also found blood stains on the victim’s motorcycle.

Investigators recovered a knife scabbard made up of cardboard near the victim’s cadaver but the blade was missing.

The victim’s wife Jenelyn said that her husband works as a habal-habal driver whenever he was  off duty as security guard.

Last Tuesday, Jenelyn said her husband rendered duty from 7 to 3 p.m. but did not returned home.

Around 3 a.m. yesterday, Jenelyn was trying to establish communication with her husband but his cell phone was off.  (Dan Toribio)