Zamcelco cannot guarantee brownout-free Christmas Print
Thursday, 21 December 2017 18:05


The Zamboanga City Electric Cooperative (Zamcelco) cannot assure residents of a brownout-free Christmas.

Ferdie Rodriguez, Zamcelco Information Officer said that  unforeseen situations that bring power outages such as  bad weather, tree branches hitting power lines, and transformer over load may strike during Christmas day resulting to power interruptions.

“We cannot say 100% brownout free cay being a distribution utility tiene maga unplanned power interruption,” Rodriguez said.

According to Rodriguez, consumers can also help so that brownouts can be avoided.

Consumers must practice energy conservation methods, asking the office to trim their trees especially those hitting the electric posts and power lines, and report illegal connection to prevent overloading.

Troubleshooters and maintenance teams of Zamcelco are also on standby for any eventualities. The only problem the team is experiencing is the traffic that is causing a delay for them to reach the affected area.

Zamcelco has 120,000 member consumers and has a power demand of 98 to 100MW where the cooperative gets their supply from PSALM, Efinity, San Miguel Power Corporation, TMI, Mapalad, and WMPC. The electric cooperative also have a 16MW standby generator. (RGAAGo)