Let’s not be scandalized by sin Print
Friday, 22 December 2017 15:06



INSTEAD of being scandalized by the many sins and all forms of evil that we see around, let’s make an effort, obviously with Christ and through his justice and mercy, to reach out to everyone and help them recover their dignity as children of God.

This can only happen if we ourselves make an effort to identify ourselves with Christ. Our Christian concern for others can only be effective if it comes as a consequence of our intimate relationship with Christ through our prayers, sacrifices and ascetical struggles to resist temptations and sins and to develop virtues.

Nowadays, this campaign of retrieving lost souls, or at least helping the confused ones, is urgent. And it is incumbent on every believer and follower of Christ to lend a hand in this. In fact, it is one of our primordial duties as a Christian. Let’s hope that each one of us becomes a burning ember wherever we are, so we can generate the warmth of Christian love to everyone.

Everyday, we somehow have to come up with some concrete plans and strategies. We cannot afford anymore to be passive and complacent with respect to this duty which should be carried out with extreme delicacy and charity.

Thus, we have to understand that in fulfilling this duty, we need to establish deep and stable friendship with others. The approach should always be personal and intimate, not so much collective and formal. The latter style should only be a subsidiary to the person-to-person way of doing things.

Because of this, we should sharpen our social skills and try our best to be friendly with everyone in spite of our unavoidable differences and conflicts. That is why we have to learn to be tough and not allow our emotions to lead the way. We should follow Christ’s example by enlivening our faith, hope and charity.

In this way, we can be patient and willing to suffer and bear the burdens of the others. We can even allow ourselves to be dirtied to a certain extent without compromising what is essential in our spiritual health.

We should try to approximate what is said in St. Paul’s second letter to the Corinthians: “God made him who had no sin to be sin for us, so that in him we might become the righteousness of God.” (5,21) If we are with Christ, we surely would be properly vaccinatedm against sin.

We should ask for the gift of tongue so that we can speak to others with the right words and in the right time. In other words, so that we can bring Christ’s presence and saving words and actions to the others effectively.

We have to be convinced that everyone of us needs to feel  Christ’s presence and hear his words. We have to convince everyone that Christ should be the number one priority in our life, and should not be subordinated to anyone or anything in life.

Obviously, we also need to study the doctrine of Church so we become more familiar with the teachings of Christ and more able to discern his will and ways, especially given our very complicated times nowadays. We need to assimilate these teachings well, making them flesh of our flesh.

We should try our best to be always consistent in our Christian identity so that we avoid becoming Christians in name and in words only. Sad to say, we are seeing many who are inconsistent in their Christian identity. We need to correct this inconsistency.