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Friday, 22 December 2017 15:08



San Jose, CA. — This used to be Rolly San Juan’s forte. A stroke has slowed him down these past few years. I’ll make this piece brief and concise.

Again, this is the time of the year when journalists of all makes predict what and how 2018 will be. Jonathan Swift said, “there’s none so blind as they that won’t see.” That’s going ahead of the bloviating class who gloss their crystal balls and show off their brilliance by predicting how 2018 will unfold.

1. “Dia de Zamboanga” will once again be observed with the recognition of the top 10 taxpayers, the fallen heroes extolled, the veterans of the last war glorified, the illustriousness of past living mayors and city officials and the bravery of our soldiers and police who gave their lives in the name of peace and democracy exalted, and the keepers of peace who make our lives by day and night peaceful hailed.

Our leaders will take turns in declaring their intentions on radio, television and newspapers.

2.  Gasoline prices will soar, so will our water and power bills, as the OPEC (Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries) grapples with an unusual conundrum: oil prices are zooming higher than expected.

3.  Barring a fatal disease that may neutralize him, or an assassin’s bullet, El Presidente will still be our president — maybe for life —, Alvarez will remain the speaker of the supreme House of Commons and Pimentel will stay as the guardian of the House of Lords.

4.  Property prices in Zamboanga will be artificially inflated ahead of the expected entry of giant malls SM, Robinson’s and Puregold.

5.  The local PDP-Laban and Liberal Party leaders, followers, supporters and cheerers will clash as we get to “Red October”, the filing of the certificates of candidacy for the 2019 midterm elections — that is if there would be elections at all.

Since late last March, the titular head of the local PDP-Laban in Zamboanga, Mr. Celso L. Lobregat, has been picking a fight with the gradually-diminishing, even dying, LP whose acknowledged leader is Madam Maria Isabelle Climaco-Salazar, indicating that he will make a run for the mayorship in 2019 — granting again that there’s going to be elections.

6.  There will be defections in the LP as the verbal clashes among city councilors and barangay chairmen over trivial matters persist (tsk, tsk, tsk).

I know of two “yellows” preparing to butterfly to the psychedelic PDP-Laban when the moment comes. “This is about political survival,” one of the two told me. They should be given the “Balimbing Award”.

7.  The Catholic Church and the nuns and all catholic organizations will vigorously oppose the proposal to allow same-sex marriage and the legalization of the use of marijuana.

8.  As everybody in the affected areas predicts, the Bangsamoro Basic Law will be passed and a new Muslim political entity will be created.

9.  And, of course, unless the world comes to an end, Christmas will come.

To one and all — the Hanazono Boys, Ateneans, Wildcats, Lamps, friends and foes, my loved ones: MERRY CHRISTMAS!