2 killed in family rumble Print
Saturday, 23 December 2017 16:35

Two persons were killed when a rumble erupted between two families  in Covarrubias Drive, Barangay Divisoria yesterday morning.

Killed were Genaro Jarlega Apelo, 28 and Eric Dularte Serito, 50, married, both of the same place.

Shortly before 3 a.m. Apelo, who was armed with a gun, went to Serito’s house and reportedly harassed the latter’s family.

During the commotion that ensued, Apelo shot Serito.

Serito’s son John Eric, 21 and son-in-law Jamal Jumdail Sasapan, 23, armed themselves with a scythe and rocks and chased Apelo.

The two then attacked Apelo by hacking and smashing him with rocks.

Apelo and the old Serito were taken to the hospital but were declared dead on arrival by physicians.

John Eric and Sasapan were arrested by policemen of the Divisoria Police Station and were detained pending an investigation.

A police report said that the violent confrontation was preceded by a misunderstanding between the two families.(Dan Toribio)