City Housing: 655 delinquent member-beneficiaries in Azcuna and Tulungatung resettlement sites PDF Print E-mail
Thursday, 28 December 2017 17:13

The City Housing and Home Site Development Division has revealed that there are a total of 655 delinquent beneficiaries in Azcuna and Tulungatung resettlement sites.

Housing and Home Site Development Division chief, Cesar Jimenez Jr. said that for Tulungatung resettlement site there are 456 beneficiaries who have delinquent accounts has already accumulated to P15,594,838.51 while for the Azcuna resettlement site, there are 199 beneficiaries whose delinquent accounts already reached to P1,535,089.23.

“Our objective is for them to update their records by paying religiously their monthly ammortizization.

If you look at it, if we cancel the contract manda kita kanila sale coneste mga delinquent members pero hende este el buen solusyon conel problema na informal settlers,” Jimenez said in an interview.

City Housing and Home Site Development Division records also further revealed that these beneficiaries have the arrears ranging from three months above.

Azcuna property located at Barangay Mercedes has an area of 15 hectares which can generate 1,466 lots with 300 beneficiaries. For Tulungatung resettlement, it has 42.42 hectares where it has distirbuted 2,200 lots with 962 beneficiaries.

These beneficiaries are given several options on how to acquire their lot  such as  payable for 5 years, 10 years, 15 years, 20 years or 25 years.

According to Jimenez, as much as possible, they are trying to help all the member-consumers, but if the beneficiarie himself is really no longer interested of the property, they will cancel the award and give it to another qualified beneficiaries.

From January to December 2016 the office collected P6.6 million while for January to present 2017, the office collected P8.2 million from beneficiaries.

“Chene sila el derecho pero chene sila obligasyon para paga enbuenamente y na tiempo y ohala no ulbida diila obligasyon na gobyerno local,” Jimenez stressed.

For Tulungatung there are only 27 member-beneficiaries who have fully paid their lots while for Azcuna there are merely four who have already fully paid their lot.

Jimenez is expecting that in two years time these two relocation sites will already be filled up and that us the reason why the city government is looking for additional lots at the east and west coast for resettlement area.

For those interested to have their own lot they must visit the City Housing and Home Site Development Division so they can be screened. Tulungatung and Azcuna resettlement are just two of the city’s 14 resettlement sites in the entire city. (R.G. A A. Go)