Zubiri's assurance: “Hindi po kasama ang Zamboanga sa Bangsamoro” PDF Print E-mail
Saturday, 10 February 2018 16:44

Senator Miguel Zubiri assured Zamboanga residents who are opposed to joining the Bangsamoro that Zamboanga city is not included in the Bangsamoro territory.

Zubiri, who sits as Senate Sub Committee Chairman of the Bangsamoro, also said that safeguards will be put in place to further assure residents that no portion of Zamboanga will be included without the decision of the majority.

“May plano kami dagdagan ang safeguards,” Zubiri said during yesterday’s Bangsamoro forum at the Zamboanga City State Polytechnic College.

Zubiri is specifically referring to the percentage required before a local government unit can opt to join the Bangsamoro.

“We are looking at additional safeguards by increasing the number of sign- in petitions, said Zubiri.  He said that the exact figure will still be determined by the committee in future hearings.

Zubiri also allayed fears on the possible inclusion of barangays in the Bangsamoro.

He cited existing jurisprudence, the case of Nueva Ecija vs Cabanatuan.

Zubiri said that a barangay on its own cannot decide to join the Bangsamoro without the decision of majority of residents of the city itself.

He said that there are also barangays in his Province of Bukidnon that may want to join the Bangsamoro territory, but will be needing the decision of the municipality before they can join the bigger territory.

“Maraming magagaling na legislators para pag usapan namin ito ng masinsinan.  Next week, we will have a closed door technical working group., how we can make i t happy for everyone,” Zubiri said.  (LAJ)