Another cellphone robbery in Baliwasan PDF Print E-mail
Sunday, 11 February 2018 17:37


Another teen-ager lost his expensive cellphone to three robbers in Baliwasan Chico last Friday.

Police identified the victim as John Denver T. Tamse, single and a resident of Baliwasan Seaside.

Initial investigation showed that Tamse was walking along Baliwasan Chico and heading towards a gasoline station at around 8:05pm when three men approached him and brought him to a dimly lit area.

The suspects then pointed a knife towards him and demanded that he hand over his cellphone.

The suspects then escaped while the victim reported the incident to the police.

In June of last year, a high school student of a private school lost his expensive cell phone to a group of five men in Baliwasan.

The teenager was walking with some classmates along the Baliwasan Seaside near the Maritime Police office when they were approached by five persons who walked along with them.

Upon reaching a subdivision in the area, the still unidentified persons asked for the victim’s Samsung Galaxy Note 5 worth P25,000, which the latter handed over to the group.

After receiving the cellphone, the men left the area hurriedly. (Dan Toribio)