Animal bite patients increase PDF Print E-mail
Saturday, 17 February 2018 13:50

By RG Antonet Go

The number of animal bite patients recorded at the City Health Office (CHO) Animal Bite Treatment Center has increased  by nearly 1,000 in 2017 compared to the previous year.

Medical records indicate  that animal bite incidents recorded in 2016 numbered 6,073. This increased to 6,945 the following year.

Of the 6,945 cases 3,410 are male while 3,535 are female.

These patients were bitten by either dogs, cats, monkeys, pigs, and bats.

The top 10 barangays with  the most animal bite cases for 2017 are Tetuan, San Roque, Putik, Talon Talon, Sta Maria, Pasonanca, Tumaga, Tugbungan, Mampang, and Upper Calarian.

Dr. Rosanna L. Arquiza attributed the rise in cases to increased public awareness and a rise in population.

She said that the public has become more aware of measures to be taken once they are bitten or scratched by animals.

The City Health Office treats at least 30  animal bite patients a day.

The city used P3.6 million for the rabies program in 2017 to purchase vaccines needed for these patients.

Arquiza reminds the public to be responsible pet owners to minimize animal bite incidents.

She also reminded those bitten by animals to immediately wash the wounds with soap and water and seek medical consultation because rabies can be fatal.  (RGAAGo)