Traffic rerouting scheme for ‘Dia de Zambo’ ok’d PDF Print E-mail
Thursday, 22 February 2018 14:08

Mayor Beng Climaco ordered on Tuesday the implementation of a temporary rerouting of traffic, naming of two-way street, no entry, no parking and temporary transfer of certain PUJ terminals in connection with the observance of the 81st Dia De La Ciudad de Zamboanga on February 26 from 6 a.m. to 10 a.m.

In issuing Executive Order No. BC335-2018 dated February 20, Mayor Climaco cited the huge number of people that will participate in the “Dia de Zamboanga” activities which will kick off with a grand civic-military parade at 7 a.m., thus the need to implement the traffic rerouting scheme.

Under the scheme, the temporary no entry or closed streets are from intersection of Gov. Alvarez Street-Mayor Jaldon Street towards the intersection of Mayor Jaldon Street-Mayor Ledesma Street-Mayor Climaco Avenue, fronting the Bureau of Fire Protection.

Also no entry or closed streets are junction of P. Lorenzo Street-J.S. Alano Street, Valderrosa St. Corcuera St., Rizal Street-Maria Clara St, and Gen. Vicente Alvarez St.

Temporary two-way street: Corcuera Street, from junction of Pilar St.-Corcuera St towards the junction of General Vicente Alvarez Street-Corcuera St.

The temporary traffic-rerouting scheme: All vehicles coming from P. Brillantes Street and P. Reyes Street are diverted towards Campaner St; all vehicles coming from Canelar Street and Buenavista Street going to M. Jaldon Street are diverted to Gov. Alvarez Street-La Purisima Street.

All vehicles both private and PUJs using M. Calixto Street as their exit towards M. Ledesma Street, upon reaching the junction of T. Claudio Street are diverted to go straight to T. Claudio Street, turn right to Mercado Street, turn right to Gov. Lim Avenue straight to Magay Street, turn right to Varela Street and turn left towards Ledesma Street, San Jose Road or from Magay Street to straight to R.T. Lim Boulevard, turn right to Alejo Alvarez St, turn left to San Jose Road.

All vehicles from J.S. Alano Street from the Main Public Market are diverted to turn left at Mercado Street, turn left to Gov. Lim Ave., to exit through Magay Street towards R.T. Lim Boulevard.

Traffic will be back to its normal operation once the parade shall have passed through the temporarily closed intersections and junctions.

The terminal for PUJs bound for Sta. Catalina will be temporarily transferred to Pilar St, while terminals for PUJs bound for Zambowood and Guiwan will be transferred to I. Magno Street.

Terminal for PUJs bound for the Integrated Bus Terminal in Divisoria will be moved to I. Magno Street.

The terminal for these PUJs will return back to its original loading area after the conduct of the activity.

No parking on both sides of Mayor Jaldon St., Mayor Climaco Ave., J.S. Alano St. to the junctions of N.S. Valderrosa St.-Villalobos St.; from the junction of P. Lorenzo St.-J.S. Alano St. towards the junction of P. Lorenzo St.-Pilar St.

Also no parking at Rizal St-Corcuera St. towards Rizal St.-Maria Clara Street; from the junction of Mayor Ledesma Street-Climaco Avenue towards the junction of P. Lorenzo Street-Pilar Street.; and from Pilar-Street-Corcuera Street towards the Philippine Ports Authority (PPA) gate.

Parking space is reserved for first responders at Zaragosa St, Corcuera St. and I. Magno St., Mayor Climaco Avenue-J.S. Alano St., P. Lorenzo St.

Participants will have their parking space at Rizal St., Zaragoza St., N.S. Valderrosa St and P. Lorenzo St (parking for IBT-Divisoria).

The executive order likewise prohibits the flying of drones in downtown area during the parade, except those operated by the military and police.-(Vic Larato/PR)