12 drug suspects escape Print
Sunday, 25 February 2018 18:09

Twelve drug suspects detained at the Jolo Municipal Police Station were able to escape from the facility yesterday morning.

The inmates were identified as Herbert Bael, Radzmir Salahuddin, Nurhassan Taasan, Allim Misah, Abdulwahid Lipae, Junal Sali, Alvin Hamdi, Al-amil Kipli, Algamer Bantala, Muthamir Pangambayan, Khan Balang and Dante Abdulla.

All escapees were charged for violation of RA 9165, the 2002 Comprehensive Dangersous Drugs Act except for Herbert Bael, who was charged for physical injuries.

The jail break was reported at 10:40 Saturday morning.  Investigation showed that the duty guard was not in his post when detainees inside the facility were able to escape.

Personnel conducted pursuit operations and were able to round up 17 detainees.

The twelve, however, managed to escape.

Manhunt operations are still being conducted to arrest the detainees. (Dan Toribio)