Baby boy killed in fire PDF Print E-mail
Saturday, 03 March 2018 12:11


A one-month-old baby boy perished in a conflagration inside a warehouse compound in Barangay Camino Nuevo yesterday morning.

The fatality was identified as Noel Ligid, whose cadaver was retrieved after the fire had been declared under control by the Bureau of Fire Protection (BFP.)

The baby’s father was reportedly working inside the warehouse while the mother, identified as Jovelyn, was tending to the children when the conflagration happened.

Jovelyn said that prior to the incident, she left her children to go to their neighbors’ house which was also located inside the compound.

A few minutes later, Jovelyn saw their house already burning.

She rushed to save her children but only succeeded in saving two of them.

Noel had been left inside the house where he was killed during the blaze.

BFP personnel are still investigating  the cause of the fire.

Reporters had a hard time obtaining information because the owner of the warehouse prevented media personnel from getting near the site of the conflagration.  (Dan Toribio)